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Not every garden and landscape is the same...   It may sound clich√© but the first important step is realizing that your garden is different!


Soil acidity,


Sand, silt and clay


Drainage (how is the terrain, grading, root growth) 


Plant selection and maintenance to prevent "choking" and promote harmony. 


Weather, ice, snow, rain, drought, etc.


This is just a small bit of what your garden may be asking you.   With over 20 years of hands-on experience, you can rest assured your garden will be smiling and greeting you on a daily basis. 



Nothing says I'm healthy, vibrant and ready to be enjoyed like a green lawn.   There are many varieties of lawns and every lawn has its strengths and "uses."

Finely mowed golf greens, hardy stadium turf, drought tolerance, freeze
resistance, etc.   having the right variety/mix and maintaining its consistency(preventing and controlling weed growth, erosion, etc.) not mentioning disease and insect infestation are all key factors to keep in mind. 

Furthermore watering needs and efficiency (run-off) have to be taken into consideration, particularly with rising water costs. 
Selecting the right sprinklers, watering times, fertilization, etc. are all also equally important factors.



Spring is in full bloom!! 


   Perennials and annuals are bursting in colors, lawns are growing faster, and everywhere we are beginning to hear the buzz of bees, etc. 
  This is perhaps the most critical part of the year, the leap into a green or even brown year. 


   Remember to place and spread snail repellant as soon as you plant your petunias, 3 days is enough to stop what could be a full flowerbed
and reduce it to spotty growth.


   Increase your watering time and days for your lawns.  With warmer weather and an increase in bugs, a weak lawn will soon be susceptible to disease and browning.  

   Roses will begin flowering in earnest pretty soon, be sure to keep an eye out for the start of any disease and insects.  Be proactive and spray, so that you'll have a longer blooming period.


   With an increase in more drought tolerant landscapes and planting, a yard may look dull compared to a richly watered and maintained yard/location...  Don't despair!  Potters and the introduction of strategically placed bed flowers and planters will add more than enough vibrant colors without significantly increasing your water bill.   Take those pots out of the shed and let a
drip system take care of the watering.


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