Welcome to Valley Dove Landscaping!  Contact us (805) 868-8070 or info@valleydovelandscaping.com

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Whether its a commercial or residential property, hardscape or softscape,
 out-door living or customer friendly, the perfect landscape will not only 
improve your property, it can also add significant value to your property. 

Below you will find a list of just some of the services and products we offer.


Design & Consultation  

Custom designs to meet any outdoor living needs, commercial goals, etc. Call us for a consultation and analysis.  Free estimates!



Commercial and residential.   Early, day time, or late depending on needs.  
Various service plans and options available depending on customer and
landscape needs. 


Trees and plants  

Extensive plant knowledge including access to our private nursery.  Trimming, pruning, transplanting, grafting, new installations and seedlings.


Lawns and soil preparation/grading  

New sod and hydro-seeding.  Proper drainage and soil nutrient content and acidity.


Irrigation systems  
Drip systems and sprinkler systems, automatic timers, and water efficient


Concrete and stone work & pavers  

Flagstones, brick and interlocking pavers.  Rock ground cover and designs.   Walkways, patios, gathering areas, etc.   Concrete design and construction textured, color, and stamped concrete.


Landscape sectioning and retaining walls  

Stone and block walls with stucco, railroad ties, and wood.  Natural, such as trees and shrubs, landscape sectioning as well as outdoor wall construction.


Carpentry and barbeque  

Patio and patio covers, gazebo, decks, fencing and trellises, custom woodwork, etc.  Barbeque design and construction.


Landscape lighting  
Low voltage outdoor lighting systems designed to not only bring out the most of your landscape 24/7 but also add visibility.    

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